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Membership for the Rolling Thunder®, Inc. organization is open to men and women of all races, colors, creeds and other designations protected by law.



Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is a non-profit organization and everyone donates his or her time because they believe in the POW-MIA issue.  Our major function is to educate the public that  many American Prisoners of War were left behind and to help correct the past and to protect future veterans from being left behind should they become Prisoners of War or Missing in Action.  We are also committed to helping Veterans from all Wars. Rolling Thunder®, open to men and women.  You DO NOT have to be a veteran or be related to a veteran and you

DO NOT have to own or ride motorcycle.


Membership in Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is open to anyone with an interest in educating the public regarding the POW-MIA (Prisoner of War-Missing in Action) issue regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or other classification protected by law.


Membership dues for RTFL6 are currently set at $40.00 per year, per member. We do not expect this to change suddenly or in the near future, but if and when it does all members are notified in advance.

Alcohol Policy

All chapters must comply with the rule that no alcohol will be sold or distributed by any member of the organization at any Rolling Thunder® Inc. sponsored event.  No member shall consumer alcohol beverages during any (Board, General, Judiciary or State/Regional) meetings.

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. under no circumstances tolerates public intoxication of illicit/unlawful drug use by any member while wearing Rolling Thunder®, Inc. patches or while representing the organization at any Rolling Thunder®, Inc. sponsored event, with or without Rolling Thunder®, Inc. patches being worn.


All members will receive a Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Membership Boot patch (from their Chapter) when they become a full member at the end of a 120-day period. If a member meets his/her obligations before the 120 days are up they are entitled to receive their Boot patch no earlier than 90 days, provided they meet all other (loyalty and conduct) requirements. Any Rolling Thunder®, Inc. member who is a United States Military Veteran is required to provide to their chapter a copy of his/her DD-214 (notice of separation). The DD-214 will be kept on file with the Chapter for the duration of their membership. Any United States military veteran who does not turn over a copy of his/her DD-214 will not be permitted to display any pins or patches on their Rolling Thunder®, Inc. vest or jacket indicating that he/she is a veteran.

A new member must make 3 meetings or events, or a combination thereof, during the 120-day trail period to become a full member. After a member completes his/her first year (from the day they receive their boot patch) as a member in good standing then they will be issued the Eagle & Rocker, which is the property of National.

All new members will give Rolling Thunder®, Inc. their Social Security number as security for their organization (Boot, Eagle & Rocker) patch set and $150.00 deposit for each set of patches. Any member who does not want a set of patches does not have to pay a patch deposit and will be a non-patch holder member. (All deposits will be returned when a member’s patches are returned.)

Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter 6


Bringing awareness to POW/MIA issues from the United States military

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